Monday, December 22, 2008

checking out...

artfire :)

it seems like a cool spot. it's another online market like etsy, dawanda and a bunch of other spots. i've listed a few items there. but as you know aquababie handmade is my baby! that means i won't be jumping ship for either site. i've found these sites are cool, especially if you don't want the expense of maintaining a website, fooling with web designers and things of that nature.

frankly i like to think of my etsy shop and this new artfire shop as satellites of my own site. i post things there. and people can see what i offer, but i like to drive folk back to my home site. i don't have to pay for listing (like with etsy) and i don't have to pay $7 a month or become a verified member (like artfire).

i'm gonna see how it goes and let yall know :)

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