Saturday, August 16, 2008


aquababie handmade is now live!! on my site you can buy not only my handmade jewelry line, but also indulge in aqua essentials, my handmade bath products line. please bookmark this new site as well in addition to my jewelry blog.

i've had a bath products business for many years. then i started making jewelry. although i've done both, i never had them on one website...until now!

i'm pretty proud of myself because i took my own destiny in my own hands to get this baby done. i will be adding new product in the next few weeks. just wanted to share with my fam :) and please pass along my link if you like. if don't bookmark it, you can always find it through the link in my blog.

you can also go straight to the site by clicking on the "Buy Aquababie Handmade" section to the right.

thanks in advance!!!

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